What she shopped

This past weekend I shopped quite a bit and got some really great deals!  There are so many  sales right now and I spent a few good hours digging through racks of clearance to find some goodies. I also bought a couple of things that were full price and very unlike me, which made me feel kind of anxious the day after… Kind of like a hangover but for over spending on accessories. I have to say thank you to my lovely boyfriend for sending me to the mall with his credit card, thanks babe! Xo

Bathing suit: online, Jcrew. Top and bottom came to $15.00 

Lauren by Ralph Lauren runners: Winners $39.99

Scarf: Urban Outfitters $44.99

Hat: Urban Outfitters, $44.99

Jean shorts: American Eagle $29.99 on sale

Overalls: H&M $10.00

Dress: Old Navy $34.98 30% off

Sandals: Old Navy $29.98 30% off



my cute boyfriend, at my favourite restaurant- Diannes .

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