What she wore to the Tall Ships

This past weekend was super hot, and I’m not one to complain about the heat. I really love it, but Sunday was a doozy. I took my niece Lily downtown in Brockville, ON to see the tall ships and get a breeze off the water. Ice cream was our first stop, but it melted quicker than we could gobble it up, so the cute ice cream pics really did not happen sadly 😦

Outfit details: dress: old navy $34.94 & 30% off, shoes: old navy $29.94 & 30% off, purse: Coach $12.00 Second hand store, sunglasses $9.99 Walmart


new york cheesecake ice cream, soo yummy
Blockhouse Island in Brockville, ON
how beautiful is this building, love the windows
Thousand Islands have so many hidden gems
Love when the Tall Ships are in town, worth the trip to Brockvegas!!

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