Summer nights 

Sometimes outfits just work better in my head than actually on, this is definitely one of them. I loved the idea of this thick knit paired with these soft silky high waisted shorts… But sadly it didn’t really work and was not flattering whatsoever. BUT none the less I made it work by tucking it in and contorting my body for photos. This top is an H&M find and it was love at first sight. I had no idea how I would wash it with so many little beads, but I knew I needed it. The shorts were a major sale rack find that I had eyed at full price but decided I would hold off and I’m so glad I did! 

I love the idea of matching different fabrics that usually wouldn’t go together, like thick sweaters and thin silky dresses.. It finds a delicate balance that I really love. 

Outfit details

Top H&M $39.99, similar Here

Shorts H&M $10.00, similar Here

Purse Kate Spade $99, similar Here

Earrings Old Navy $9.99, old. 

Shoes Walmart $15.99 (no link)

Bangles- Sterling in Kingston, ON-  range in prices


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