A Happy Medium


blue dressThis is a bit of different post for me- very personal and not so much on the fashion side of things! I wanted to tell you guys about someone I recently met. Her name is Jeni and she is a medium. I was first introduced to her at a yoga event downtown Kingston and contacted her after to set up a reading! When I first met her, I knew right away she was a warm inviting person and instantly I was connected to her. She really is the sweetest girl, and so so kind. I lost my Dad about 5 years ago and ever since have always been a bit curious about the whole medium thing… I had no knowledge about how it worked or what to expect whatsoever. So I went into meeting Jeni with zero expectations.. which I think is the best way to go into this kind of thing. Our reading was really moving and pretty crazy! She even described a picture I brought without even seeing it. Overall it was a really really cool experience and I highly recommend you go see her for a reading. She told me so many things there was no way she would know, it was crazy!! I loved the experience and I felt really at peace and happy about my reading- which is the best outcome possible in my mind.

Check out Jeni’s website here and visit her Facebook page here (you can book with her through Facebook messenger too!)

I also wanted to share this dress with you! It’s a recent Winners find and I am obsessed with the ruffles!! I will do another post on it soon (these pics were just from dinner with my girlfriends recently!)

Thanks for reading!


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