Love a Good Deal!


I wanted to let you guys know about my first experience using FlexDealz! If you don’t know what that means, it is a new app to hit Kingston that allows you to purchase last minute deals on local services and products. From manicures to oil changes and everything in between- you can simply go on the app, see what’s cheap and buy it right from your phone! So easy to use, and super handy.  I am such a last minute person when it comes to getting my nails done, or my hair done… once an idea pops into my head I have to go do it right away. I am not the most patient person and when it comes to my beauty routine it really shows so this is perfect for me because it’s all last minute deals (yay!)

Friday afternoon I wanted to treat myself by going to the spa.. I had gotten too much sun earlier in the week and my face was really feeling it.. You know that dry tight feeling when your skin is deprived of moisturizer and maybe deprived of sunscreen too (whoops!) I went onto my app and saw Cher-Mere was offering a deep cleansing facial at a major discount. Originally this service is $85 and I scored it for $60! I don’t know about you guys but I love saving money on services, who wouldn’t right?I purchased it on my app- where my credit card is already saved too.. So basically it’s like Uber for skin care! I got a confirmation email right away, and I even got a reminder email right before… thankfully because my afternoon got super busy. My reminder email excited me, I was so looking forward to getting pampered.

Hello Brooke

I arrived to Cher Mere’s beautiful facility and was swooped upstairs to get my comfy-on! So easy, it was a dream. My 60 minute service was awesome, I was taken care of so wonderfully. I cannot say better things about my experience and I can’t wait to do it again! Now I have been slightly addicted to watching the “hot dealz”  section on my FlexDealz app because it shows the deals ending soon at such good discounts!!  It really is just the best, since I’m saving money on services I would regularly pay full price for! There are so many local businesses signed up to have deals on the app- I can’t stop checking it!

Cutest little store front right downtown Kingston!


On Sunday I attended a birthday party for my niece and three people mentioned how clear my skin was- two days after my skin treatment! I was so excited. It really is so nice putting makeup on soft, even skin. It truly made my weekend!

FullSizeRender 3
My skin was literally glowing.. so soft!!!

Check out the FlexDealz Facebook page here to see what’s going on and how to sign up for their emails. The FlexDealz emails let me know about new vendors to join, promoted deals and so many giveaways! Not sure about downloading the app? You can do it from your computer too! Check out their website here!

Have fun getting your deal’ on!

PS the blue dress I’m wearing in these photos is from joe Fresh and it was $10… here‘s the same dress in a different print (which I also bought) online right now for…. $6.94… Yes, you read that right! Oh, and all sizes are left!! Go buy it. NOW.

FullSizeRender 4


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