My Hair Routine!

This summer I was fortunate enough to be given a bunch of Kevin Murphy products from the LOVELY ladies at the Village Spa & Hair boutique here in town. I have been using the products religiously since and they have literally transformed the way I style and wear my hair.

My hair is smoother, shinier, easier to maintain and I think it has even gotten thicker (if that’s possible!) I’m going to let you in on a secret- I only blow dry my hair once a week… and only on the weekend. My hair is super thick, curly and overall frizzy- it’s a hot mess, I’ll say it. BUT these products have helped maintain it so much and really make such a huge difference.

I’m not sure what’s better- the way the products work or the SMELL. They seriously smell like heaven, and I get compliments all. the. time. on my “perfume.” Kevin Murphy is skincare for hair; using highest grade plant based ingredients with zero parabens and sulphates, also cruelty free! So you can’t argue with that!

Repair Me Wash & Conditioner- This shampoo and conditioner is the BEST smelling hair product I have ever used. It works so well and you BARELY need any! Just a little bit goes a long way. On day 3 after washing my hair, it still smells amazing and I have this duo to thank!

Repair Me Wash & Conditioner
No tools has been used other than my blowdryer.

Young Again Oil- This serum has been used the most and is definitely my pick of the group. I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet – I told you I don’t blow dry my hair through the week!I put this serum on my hair, go to bed and wake up with zero frizz and a slight wave. It’s a legit beach wave! I love it, I use this before I blow dry too and it makes it SO smooth. Trust me, this is my new number one hair secret!!!


Young Again Oil


Sleek and Straight and Smooth


Hair Resort Spray- Now this stuff is so cool. It gives you the beach-y hair look without stepping outside your house. I personally have a natural curly/wave so this is perfect for me.. especially since I sleep with wet hair and wake up with some slight waves! I spritz this on in the morning, and squeeze some curls in my hair and that’s it! If I really want to go the extra mile I will add 4-6 curls on the top layer of my hair with my 2″ curling wand. Easy peazy.

Hair Resort Spray
Beach Waves with the front curls from my curling wand,


Bedroom Hair – Okay this hairspray is flexible and smells like you walked straight out of the salon. I can spray as much on as I want and still run a brush through it. I used this on the nights I blow dry and curl my hair- usually only on weekends, and typically for a GNO!

Bedroom Hair Spray
CHEERS to GNO and Smooth Curls!


Anti.Gravity- Last but not least this is for days when your hair is needing that extra bit of BOOST. Any product for boosting your roots in the past has left my hair feeling greasy but this feels like you literally have no product in at all. It’s so great for those glam nights when you want all the body and not the weight. Highly suggest!

Anti.Gravity Volumiser


Check out the Village ladies on Instagram and Facebook. If you head to their Facebook page and “like” it you can get 15% off any Kevin Murphy product mentioned in this post! Just make sure you mention this post to receive!

Thanks for reading and thanks to the amazing ladies of the Village for all these awesome products!

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