I was lucky enough to be asked to visit The Cooper Clinic located in the west end of Kingston for a custom facial by Skinceuticals! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a wonderful skincare line that I see many women using on Instagram and they always have the BEST skin!!! I was thrilled to get to visit and see Sarah, who did a fantastic job at explaining the products she was using for each step. I will walk you through what she used on me, and of course it would be different for you! She does a thorough examination of your skin first so each facial is customized just for you.

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1.First she used this cream cleanser to clean my pores and any leftover makeup.

2. Next she did a second cleanser that was a gel… it really gets in there… I took this one home because it does such a great job.

3. This may have been my favourite part- this micro-exfoliating scrub had an incredible light scent to it and felt so nice! Not too hard, not too soft.. the perfect exfoliant.

4. She used the Equalizing Toner on me next to finish the cleanse.

5. Next up was the Hydrating B5 Gel which is a great moisturizer that she instructed me to use every night after I wash my face before bed.

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6. Mask time!! This was wonderful and really helped with my t-zone which has always been a problem area for me..specifically the pores around my nose. This clay mask is really great and not too thick like others can be.

7. The gel she used next helps with fighting redness and hydrates the skin… smelled really good too!

8. Of course I needed a little anti-aging restore cream… I’m not 22 anymore and this is a big help with fighting off fine lines… Sarah instructed me to use this every night before bed as well!

9. Last but certainly not least are eyes and lips… for the eyes she used this Eye Balm that helps with fine lines and puffiness.. for lips, she used an Antioxidant Lip Repair that I am OBSESSED with! Literally a moisturizer for your lips that isn’t like anything else I have ever tried… I absolutely love it.

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In between the products were facial, neck and chest massages that made me so relaxed I honestly could have slept in the clinic overnight lol! It was a really amazing, relaxing experience every woman deserves to have. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin and INVEST in it. I would so much rather spend money on skincare products over clothes, any day of the week!

At the end of the treatment, Sarah went over the products she used and I took some home.. along with a sheet that explains which product to use in the mornings, night and which ones to use 2 times a week.. I needed that extra cheat sheet, and I have it in my bathroom to reference!

A HUGE thank you to Skinceuticals and The Cooper Clinic for allowing me to come in and have this amazing treatment done… I loved every second of it and can’t wait to come back!

PS: mention my name or blog and receive a discount on your custom facial! Enjoy!!

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