Give that Tree some Piz·zazz

  1. Those nautical vibes that get me every time.. if you know me, you know I love anything seagrass and these little babies are no exception.
  2. Elegance with a capital E.. divine, really. This will bring your tree from alright to ELITE.
  3. This reminds me of a wood cabin, in the snow, spending Christmas by candlelight… obviously with T swift singing Cardigan on repeat.
  4. The most classic, home-y, instagrammable tree collar there is.. in all her glory.
  5. If your home is modern, fun and full of LIFE.. this is a great choice… this to me, screams “wowzers!”
  6. This sexy little red number will not only spice up your tree, but spice up your life in general… maybe not, but how fun!
  7. This is more of a modern pick for me, very cool- would look great with lots of colourful throw pillows surrounding the floor.
My new tree collar, a classic little piece of decor I will use for years to come!

I would love to see pictures of your tree skirts & collars when you put them up! Send me allll the pics! Reach me via instagram @justaddstripes

Thanks for reading, hope you found something that inspires you for your own space.



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