Running into 2022

After taking a long break from the ol’ blog, I decided to jump back in the saddle and write about some upcoming goals I have.. After receiving my second vaccine this week, gym’s re-opening and life somewhat getting back to “normal” I wanted to document some accomplishments I would like to achieve. 1 is definitely to blog more… I love sharing my fashion finds, tricks and tips with you and it makes me happy! 2nd goal is to run a half marathon! This comes from a long break from any kind of workout other than my beloved Melissa Wood Pilates/Yoga home videos which I depended heavily on through the lockdown(s)

If I’m being honest I don’t love working out.. the whole gym scene annoys me and I find it hard to stay accountable.. the yoga/pilates workouts are great but I usually have to force myself to start.. once I’m into it, I love it but it’s rolling out the mat thats the hardest. Running.. I love running! It’s easy for me, I don’t get too quickly and I can usually go for pretty long distances.. As I get older, it is harder on the body but I am trying to ease myself back into it. I will say, the feeling after a good workout is one of the best feelings in the world. I wish I could bottle it up! One thing that always makes me want to workout more often is cute workout clothes.. Going to link some of my favourites below! My absolute FAVOURITE workout clothes are lululemon Aligns… the shorts and pants (and tops and bras).. I swear to you- once you wear aligns, all other gear seems less desirable !! My go-to shorts are the 8″ Aligns in black… but I also love the 10″ length as well.

  1. My absolute favourite workout shorts- the Align 8″.. click here to see yourself!

2. A new lover of mine…the Sweat Intention Onesie…I was super hesitant at first but this body suit hugs you in allll the right places and does not ride up… also- no bra necessary! Click here.

3. The 10″ Aligns.. these are so awesome for running because even if they ride up a little, you don’t need to pull down! Great for everyday wear.. especially with an oversized tee! Click here. I have them in the grey sage and the Speckle Emboss Black. Paired with the In Alignment Racerback Bra here.

If anyone has any tips to help me start training I would be more than happy to chat! Earlier this year I got an Apple watch and that helps me so much with goals… I also downloaded a running app that offers training schedules… I think the furthest I have ever ran was 10 km and it took about an hour… that was a couple years back so I know I will definitely be slower this time around which is ok! This half marathon is really just a fun goal I have set for myself and I hope to accomplish in May of 2022- if races are back post-covid by then!

Check out my lululemon wish list below! These are all so cute and would make excellent workout/lounge wear!

1… how cute are these? they look so comfy and LOVE the green! Click here.

2. These are in my shopping cart… they are high waisted, black and look like a classic! Click here.

3. Okay these are wayy too cute.. not only for gym’in but just lounging around! Need!! Click here.

4. This colour! Love these.. 10″ shorts because they are my favourite colour and look so cute! Click here.

5. Hot AND pink… these are like the Elle Woods of workout shorts! Almost sold out! Click here to grab.

6. A girlfriend recently wore these and I was obsessed. need need need! Love the blue! Click here.

Other than fitness goals, for the rest of the year and hitting 2022 I want to focus on eating more balanced through the weekends- I tend to eat super healthy all week and then go nuts on the weekends (whoops) and getting more rest ! Im a real night hawk (I blame TikTok.) I just want to feel my best.. and I feel my best by eating healthy and sleeping more!

I became an Endy partner this year and I have never appreciated my sleep more..probably because it’s so damn good now… both Matt and I feel like our lives truly changed once we received our Endy mattress and pillows… we seriously couldn’t believe you could sleep that sound ha! This mattress has changed our lives… it’s like that old commercial with the glass of wine on one side and they drop the bowling ball on the other… I guess he’s the glass of wine in this scenario cause I don’t disturb him at all ! Click this link to check out Endy and see what the fuss is truly all about!

Thanks for making it this far in my way overdue blog post! Appreciate it so much!! If you have any advice on my goals please let me know ! Take care 🙂

PS. I am part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through a link on this post. I am also an #endypartner.

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