My round up of best products of 2021. Great Christmas ideas!

  1. My everyday sunglasses.. I have them in gold and black. So cute and go with everything. Linked here.

2. The best single serve cocktail.. delicious, cute and the perfect amount. Linked here.

3. My everyday shoe choice for most of this year were my white birkenstocks that are waterproof and wash off so easily. The best summer shoe! Linked here.

4. Whoever said Uggs were out of style was seriously disturbed but they are “back” and I love seeing them everywhere. Nothing more comfortable! My fave style linked here.

5. The BEST concealer you will ever use.. finally available at Sephora Canada. Linked here.

6. The best toner.. has made such a huge impact on my skin.. and it’s under 9 dollars. Linked here.

7. By far the most used item on this list.. can’t live without my apple watch. Linked here.

8. The most extra item… but I love mine and feel so boujee when I light it. Definitely a great engagement or wedding gift.. linked here.

9. Bala Bands.. great for walks, pilates or just wearing around the house. Linked here.

10. Best Eye cream I have ever used from Sephora: The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Cream.. linked here.

11. I use this body wash everyday and it’s so good… smells unbelievable. Linked here.

12. Cutest little match jar… would make an excellent gift for the host of your next party… I display mine on my coffee table next to a candle. Linked here.

Let me know if anyone has any questions about any of my linked items.. really do love all of them! I am happy to help with any of your gift-giving inquires.. for yourself or others.. 😉

Happy Shopping !

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