with love and wild and just ads stripes

Just Add Stripes is my own journey through my personal fashion and a lifestyle dedicated to being happy in my own skin! For as far as I can remember I have had friends, colleagues and strangers on the street asking where I got an article of clothing, and more times than not I have answered with a discount store or brand to their disbelief! I have always found pride in finding amazing pieces at a low cost, it’s become a hobby.

I started my blog in Spring of 2015 and the name “Just Add Stripes” came from looking in my own closet. There is an of stripes- to me it’s classic, neutral and my everyday go-to.

Thank you for reading and following along, this is such a fun hobby for me.

Enjoy! xo BB



Some of my fave stores include: Winners, The Gap, Zara, Anthropologie, The Bay &  Holt Renfrew.

Dress or Pants? Aways prefer a dress- it’s a whole outfit- and more comfortable in my opinion!

Exercise? Running! It’s therapy to me.

Heels or flats? Flats! Seriously, it usually shocks people to know I can’t walk very well in heels (eek.)

Full time work? I am a marketing coordinator for a local web design and marketing company! I love it and dedicate most of my time to it! When I’m not working I’m either sleeping or blogging!

Who’s the dog? Penelope Rose is my pride and joy! She’s a 5 year old Boston Terrier and I am utterly obsessed with her, she’s my baby!



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